Vacant Home Management

We know how much your property in Israel, your “home away from home” is precious to you.
Yet, you are not here year-round and can not personally ensure that your apartment is well-kept and safe.

Our package services for vacant apartments is custom-built for each client and can include:

  • Weekly visits
  • Managing and carrying out repairs as needed
  • Dealing with problems that might arise
  • Handling payments and bureaucracy
  • Cleaning services
  • Preparing the apartment for you before your visit

The V.I.P Package

In addition, we offer a V.I.P package of all necessary services that will guarantee a calm and relaxing stay:

  • Finding and booking flights
  • Arranging car service or personal driver
  • Providing cell phones
  • Setting up internet services
  • Hiring help during your stay
  • Food supply fully stocked before your visits


Feel free to contact us with special requests


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