Property Development

Congratulations, you just bought your apartment and now it’s time for renvations

 or you have decided to remodel your old apartment.

The process however, can be tedious and frustrating.

How do you know if the professional you chose is the right one for the job?

How do you know if you are receiving a fair price?

How can you supervise the work that is being done?

How can you ensure that deadlines and time frames will be met?

These questions are disturbing for any homeowner, but much more, if you
are a few thousand miles away and less familiar with the Israeli culture.

We offer a turn-key package, so your property will be in “move in” condition.

We will work with you, whether you are in Israel or abroad, to:

  • Create a vision for the renovation
  • Build a renovation plan
  • Choose the right contractor
  • Pick and buy materials for the project
  • Supervise the entire process in order to guarantee the best end result


Feel free to contact us with special requests