In January 2015, Myriam and I asked Avery Kolatch to take care of two furnished apartments which we own in Jerusalem.
Avery was warmly recommended by a friend.
Since then, Avery has shown an excellent track record in finding tenants, supervising paper work and payment, and ensuring prompt intervention/repairs  when needed.
With excellent interpersonal skills and a good organization, Avery is always ready to help and go the extra mile for client satisfaction.
Dr. Remy Bitoun


Avery is collaborative-works well with others-hears all points of view to a situation – makes recommendations and respects his clients.  He is available at all times for any needs that arise. His professional manner is very pleasing and he listens carefully to what is expected.
We are very happy with him.

Chaya . L


Avery and I have known each other for several years as colleagues in the apartment rental business. When I leave the country he backs me up on the apartments I manage and is very responsible.
He is generous with his time and advice to visitors to the country and is always ready to help  with any issue that comes up.  He understands what is needed to make people comfortable:
cleanliness, politeness, honesty and a very positive attitude to hosting.
I  highly recommend his character and managerial responsibilities.

Peggy Briel


My apartment in Jerusalem has been managed and maintained by Avery Kolatch and the Property Management company to whom we give the highest recommendation possible. They are reliable, work well with us and my tenant-and are to be counted on whether you are in Israel or not.

Myriam Morgenstern


I would like to have the honor of introducing you to my Property Management company. They have been very helpful with our apartment in Armon Hanatziv which we bought about three years ago. They are reliable, honest, and straightforward. I have a good working relationship with them.

Clara Wajngurt PhD


You helped us change a difficult situation with our apartment. You dealt with all the problems and now we are enjoying a monthly steady income.
Avery thank you for great service which turned our apartment from burden to a successful investment

Pnina and Baruch Vantrob


I would like to give a warm recommendation for an efficient management approach, towards us and our tenants, even in difficult situations. Avery especially takes personal care of the situation while utilizing his extensive knowledge in plumbing and building systems.

The Fridman Family